Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good Bye Jack

When opening day at Raceway Park comes this season something will surely be missing. The laugh and smile of our friend Jack Meyer will only be a memory. As many of you may already know Jack passed away on the 7th of January while on run in Florida. In the days following his death I became more aware of all that Jack did in his 53 years of life. Many of us in the Motocross community only knew him as Dragon Jack, the guy with the goggles and the glasses. We didn't realize that during his life he was so much more than that. His smile and warm heart touched everyone he came in contact with. His amazing artistic ability adorned surf boards and t-shirt designs all across the world. The motocross world was new to Jack and only during the last 5 or 6 years had he joined our group. He was instantly welcomed by our community. But then again how could he not be, he was loved by everyone. Little did any of us know about Jack's other life. His passion for art and the ocean. Although he was never formally trained in art he painted from his mind. His dramatic seascapes adorned surfboards the world over and he was a highly sought after artist for surfwear giants Quicksilver and Billabong among others. He loved the sport of surfing and the feeling that it gave him. Attending Jack's funeral was very emotional, it was hard to believe that one man could touch so many people and then a week later on the 20th of January the surfing brotherhood and sisterhood said goodbye. On possibly the coldest and windiest day of the year over 150 surfers donned wetsuits to take part in the paddle out ceremony. A paddle out is a traditional Hawaiian ceremony to say good bye. With hundreds more watching from the beach Jack's send off was truly something to behold. A man that was truly loved by all. I for one will never forget my friend Jack. It will never be the same at the track again with out you around I will never look at a Dragon sticker without thinking about you. Aloha Jack.
-Your Friend Scott

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