Monday, March 05, 2007

Copyright Infringement

Many people may not understand the hard work that goes into taking a professional photo on raceday. I for one am at the track before practice starts and there well into the night after the last moto is finished. Even when that is done the countless hours of post shooting that takes place. This is why as a professional photographer I copyright register all of my images. What that means is when they are used on a web site or printed off the internet they are being illegally taken. In effect they are stolen from the photographer. I cannot speak for all photographers but if you want to use one of my photos on your profile , just ask. They can usually be provided free of charge. Web usage will depend on the actual use but my fees are very reasonable and often some sort of trade can be offered. So all that I ask is before you steal a photo ask me for the use.
Thank you

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