Monday, February 11, 2008

Chris Chomko Interview

Chris Chomko

Back in New Jersey after a couple of year break living in Michigan Chris Chomko is one of the most friendly outgoing riders you’ll find. Here is a little about #576.

Chris Tell us a little about yourself….
250 pro/ 25plus vet A rider. I am looking forward to be the fresh 30 plus guy in less than 1 year. I’m a laid back kinda guy who loves to race, but at the same time I can be the out of control guy out on a Saturday night. When I’m not racing or putting in laps at the practice track with Ceasar, I can be found out fishing or just chillin’ with some good

What is your favorite thing about racing ?
I must say I love the competition. Every year younger riders are coming up as well as some of us older guys just keep getting faster, I may not be the fastest guy out there but there is nothing like a great day at the races with a bunch of fast guys going into the 1st turn.

You lived in Michigan for a couple of years while still traveling back to NJ to race once in a while. How did the Michigan scene compare to the NJ scene?
The Michigan scene, there were definitely a lot of fast guys out there, The problem for me was that I had to travel close to 2 hrs to get to a race where you could get more than a handful of racers. There were a lot of good tracks , and plenty of fast riders., but racing has always been something that has keep me close with my Dad, so it really wasn’t to much fun traveling by myself. And I had to wash my own bike!

How long have you been racing and what got you started ?
I have been racing 17 years now. My uncle raced and bought my brother and I an XR 70 many years ago. My brother was faster, And I was told I would never be a racer . So that kept me motivated. A few years later my Dad bought us a KX 80 we rode all the time, Then just tried out the racing deal. The rest is History

How about those Michigan winters. Were you able to ride with all the snow on the ground?
Michigan winters are definitely no fun. I had a supercross style track in my back yard that I could look at through the window because it was way to cold to ride. We had a indoor track I would ride at every weekend just to try to stay in shape.

What made you come back to NJ?
Well I moved to Michigan with my job, I had a pretty sweet deal to transfer out there. I had it all but I just wasn’t happy. The simple things in life are what made me want to move back home. Family and Friends
You had a pretty successful 2007 tell us a little about that ?
07 went ok I finished 2nd for the indoor Mx series in Michigan in both the 250 pro and 25plus vet.
I also finished 5th overall at Raceway park for the 250 Pro/expert class.

Who helped you achieve those results?
There are so many people to thank. My Dad he is always there no matter what. Freehold Honda, LDR, Bel-ray, Scott, MSR, Bridgestone, KPS, Decal Works, Twin Air, Cycra, FmF, Tag, EK, The Lukaitis Crew, SDG Seats, Pro Wheel, Evs, Everyone that comes out to practice with me to keep me putting in laps! Thanx

What are your plans for 2008?
I’m planning on going to Florida over the winter to get back into better shape. Racing local district 6, some 34 stuff. There is a few things up in the air right now, but I will definitely be back and ready to give 100%

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Camp332 said...

Cool interview, Scott. Chomko knows how to shred the gnar!

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