Monday, April 28, 2008

Buy this T-shirt.....

Buy My T-Shirts, Please?
By Rupert X. Pellett

Dearest Amigos; I am attempting to assist in the raising of funds to help out research into fixing spinal injuries. This, I do for my friend David Bailey and every other motocross racer or human that's been injured severely. These AMAZING T- shirts are 17 dollars each, with 5 dollars from every purchase going towards Dr. Hans Keirstead and his team at UC-Irvine to find a cure for spinal-cord injuires. For more info on Dr. Hans, click here.

Below is a pic of local hot motocross chick donning the category five (5) T. Now, you need to own some.

Also, please forward my request to like everybody you know and stuff, so we might make this a worldwide phenomenon. Cheers. -Thanks - Rupert X

WHEN YOU buy one (or more) of these shirts, you will most likely not only be cooler than you've ever been before, you will exchange glances with random strangers and all your wildest dreams will come true. If you can afford to - please buy ten or more. But, please, at least buy ONE. I'd like to sell a thousand so that we may contribute 5 grand for research. Thanks so much for your consideration. For information on ordering, keep on reading...

I don't have a web site link set up to sell Rupert's shirts yet but
if you'd like one, you can go through Paypal:

Use my email address:


mail a check to me:

Paul Dean
3700 w. Mesa Ridge Trail
Tucson, AZ 85742

Let me know your size, quantity and shipping info. Right now we have S - XXL. They are $17.00 each.

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