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Thunder in the Sand Race Report

Thunder Moto
Blessing Cashes in on Wildwood Beach
By Scott Lukaitis / Photo by
Adam Blessing

The sounds of the Atlantic Ocean and the thunderous boom of four-stroke engines combine for an event like no other. The Thunder in the Sand promoted by New Jersey Thunder Motorsports took place over the last weekend of May at Wildwood New Jersey.
The unique race is held twice a year once in the spring and once in the fall. Held over a period of two days with one moto in each class held on each day the relaxed events schedule allows for plenty of time to soak up the New Jersey sun. The Mark Hufnagle designed track is built right on the beach in the sand. With no other dirt brought in the shifting sand of the Jersey shore make for a challenging and exciting track for all.

Dave Ginolfi

The 250 and 450 “A” classes were the premier classes for the weekend. A large cash payout meant for a profitable weekend for the winner. The first class of the weekend was the 250 class, for up to 250c two and four strokes, Adam Blessing was the class of the field. Riding a borrowed Suzuki RM250 the Fox / Dragon Optical backed rider jumped out to an early lead and never looked back taking the victory. No Fear / Von Zipper backed Dave Ginolfi was second and Yamaha mounted Eric Balawejder was third. The three riders would repeat their moto scores in moto 2 and finish in the same order overall.
The 450 class saw Blessing on his more familiar Honda but the results were much the same. Blessing was again the winner of both motos with Ginolfi second in both motos. In the first moto LDR / Moose backed Chris Chomko put his Honda in third and Kawasaki rider Evan Forosisky in fourth. Those two riders would swap position in moto 2 thus giving Forosisky the final step on the podium.

Chris Chomko

Chomko was not left off the podium however as he used 1-1 moto scores to take the 25+ Expert class payday. Second behind Chomko was 30+ Expert class winner Brian Carroll and third overall was Honda rider Tristian Huey.
With classes for the youngest to the oldest and all bike sizes a great weekend was had. Even the torrential rain and threat of a tornado on Saturday afternoon didn’t hamper the great weekend. Make your plans now for the fall event held on the weekend of October 10th and 11th. Check out their website at for more information.

Jacob Hartranft

Chris Suydam

Sorry for the delay. Better late than never. Here are the Race Results from the Thunder in the Sand Wildwood Beach race held on the weekend of May 30th thru June 1st.

+25 A: 1. Christopher Chomko (Hon); 2. Brian Carroll (Yam); 3. Tristan Huey (Hon); 4. James Mazza (Suz); 5. John Thomas (Hon);

+25 B: 1. Mark Wesnofske (Hon); 2. John Hurley (Kaw); 3. Rob Novak (Hon); 4. Ken Thomas (Hon); 5. Matthew Hangey (Suz);

+30 A: 1. Brian Carroll (Yam); 2. James Mazza (Suz); 3. John Thomas (Hon);

+30 B: 1. Mark Wesnofske (Hon); 2. Ken Thomas (Hon); 3. Todd Tennis (Yam); 4. Michael Smith (Kaw); 5. Thomas Gibson (Hon);

+30 C: 1. Stuart Thomas (Yam); 2. Charles Hock (Suz); 3. Christian Giaime (Hon); 4. Richard Trout (Suz); 5. Richard Tamburo (Hon);

+40 Senior: 1. Chris Suydan (Hon); 2. Thomas Gibson (Hon); 3. Bill Ford (Suz); 4. Robert Yahnite (Hon); 5. Louis Dorrico (Hon);

0-50cc 4-6 B: 1. Bryton Carroll (Cob); 2. Mitchell Mckee (Yam);

0-50cc 4-6 C: 1. Evan Knoll (Ktm); 2. Taylor Longphee (Drr); 3. Tim Brass (Hon); 4. Shawn Cacciola (Hon);

0-85cc 10-11 yrs: 1. Jacob Hartranft (Yam); 2. Lucas Brzostowski (Kaw); 3. Andrew Voroscak (Ktm); 4. Nicholas Mcclure (Ktm); 5. Rocky Cagno (Ktm);

0-85cc 12-13 yrs: 1. Michael Pettet (Suz); 2. Hunter Lucas (Hon); 3. Austin Lucas (Hon); 4. Garrett Schwippert (Yam); 5. Taylor Kief (Yam);

0-85cc 14-15 yrs: 1. Dylan Wolfe (Suz); 2. Dan Geiger (Yam); 3. Dashauyn Staten (Suz); 4. Dan Tino (Kaw); 5. Paul Beerley (Yam);

0-85cc 7-9 yrs: 1. Brandon Hatnranft (Ktm); 2. Ricci Randanella (Suz); 3. Scott Stockunas (Kaw); 4. Gage Solis (Pli); 5. Max Amato (Suz);

Supermini 12-15yrs: 1. Michael Pettet (Suz); 2. David Worden (Yam); 3. Eric Osmundsen (Hon); 4. Tyler Valcich (Hon); 5. Dylan Wolfe (Suz);

125 B: 1. Dakota Letsinger (Suz);

125 C: 1. Dylan Wolfe (Suz); 2. David Worden (Yam); 3. Steven Eggert (Yam); 4. David Magee (Yam); 5. Dan Tino (Kaw);

250 A: 1. Adam Blessing (Hon); 2. David Ginolfi (Kaw); 3. Eric Balawejder (Yam); 4. Eric Mckay (Yam); 5. James Dzierwinski, Jr (Kaw);

250 B: 1. Matthew Grant (Kaw); 2. Thomas Sherby (Hon); 3. J Grisham (Hon); 4. Steve Geist (Ktm); 5. Stephen Morelli (Hon);

250 C Group 1: 1. Todd Gordon (Hon); 2. Kyle Crammer (Hon); 3. Devon Grisham (Yam); 4. Troy Clark (Hon); 5. Christian Giaime (Hon);

250 C Group 2: 1. Andrew Herzog (Hon); 2. John Grisi (Hon); 3. Chris Chiofalo (Hon); 4. Joey Gluck (Hon); 5. Billy Stillwell (Suz);

250 C Group 3: 1. Mark Glassford (Hon); 2. Mason Foy (Yam); 3. Burley Crawley (Suz); 4. Timothy Vogel (Suz); 5. Mark Terpak (Hon);

450 4 Stk A: 1. Adam Blessing (Hon); 2. David Ginolfi (Kaw); 3. Evan Forosisky (Kaw); 4. Christopher Chomko (Hon); 5. Tristan Huey (Hon);

450 4 Stk B: 1. Joseph Corcoran (Hon); 2. Anthony Dalessandro (Hon); 3. Stephen Morelli (Hon); 4. Philip Albertson (Hon); 5. Douglas Zee (Hon);

450 4 Stk C Group1: 1. Derek Mowday (Hon); 2. Ethan Clymer (Ktm); 3. Kevin Difrancesco (Suz); 4. Billy Geist (Yam); 5. Samuel Detwiler (Hon);

450 4STK C Group 2: 1. Tom Greenhoe (Yam); 2. Trevor Lyons (Yam); 3. Timothy Vogel (Suz); 4. Michael Ciolino (Yam); 5. Bill Ford (Suz);

Schoolboy: 1. Matthew Grant (Kaw); 2. Thomas Sherby (Hon); 3. Eric Osmundsen (Hon); 4. Ethan Clymer (Ktm); 5. Joshua Watson (Kaw);

Collegeboy Group 1: 1. Teddy Grant (Kaw); 2. Evan Forosisky (Kaw); 3. Andrew Slowey (Hon); 4. Philip Albertson (Hon); 5. Anthony Dalessandro (Hon);

Collegeboy Group 2: 1. Tom Greenhoe (Yam); 2. Kevin Mccusker (Yam); 3. Kevin Clark (Hon); 4. Todd Gordon (Hon); 5. Andrew Herzog (Hon);

LCQ: 1. David, Sr Mcdermott (Hon); 2. Matthew Brandolini (Hon);


0-50cc Quad4-6 C: 1. Joseph Serrao (Drr); 2. Julian Coffing (Drx); 3. Joseph Sweeney (Drx); 4. Mitchell Mckee (Yam); 5. Eric Karinalis (Pol);

0-90 Quad 7-9 Group 1: 1. Nathan Patrick (Drr); 2. Aj Garreffi (Drr); 3. Davis Eames (Apx); 4. Brandon Grace (Drr); 5. Sokha Ferroni (Suz);

0-90 Quad 7-9 Group 2: 1. David Clark (Apx); 2. Justin Clark (Cob); 3. Roy Gendron (Apx); 4. Joseph Cavaliere (Drx); 5. Alexis Tedesco (Can);

0-90cc Quad 10-12: 1. Michael Deluca (Cob); 2. Nicholas Major (Cob); 3. Eric Greene (Apx); 4. Kellie Moran (Drr); 5. Mike Lindsay (Hon);

0-90cc Quad 13-15: 1. Bren Marra (Cob); 2. Nicholas Gennusa (Cob); 3. Andrew Rosinski (Hon);

Quad 2 Stk B: 1. Dennis Ray (Yam); 2. Wayne Rocco (Hon); 3. Norman Hargrove (Hon); 4. Anthony White (Yam); 5. Shawn Burrough (Yam);

Quad 200-300cc: 1. Steve Minden (Hon); 2. Stuart Thomas (Hon); 3. Daniel Pagnini (Hon); 4. Chris Chiofalo (Hon); 5. Rob Novak (Hon);

Quad 4 Stk A: 1. Matthew Cusumano (Suz); 2. Rocco Arno (Hon); 3. Chris Butter (Hon); 4. Patrick Brown (Yam); 5. Richard Lindsay (Kaw);

Quad 4 Stk B Group 1: 1. John Shull (Hon); 2. Daniel Bergholz (Hon); 3. Frank Fortney (Yam); 4. Matthew Cusumano (Suz); 5. Tom Shinn (Hon);

Quad 4 Stk B Group 2: 1. Fred ,landwher, Iii (Hon); 2. Paul Callahan (Suz); 3. David Mcdermott (Hon); 4. Timothy Notarianni (Suz); 5. Rich Staino (Yam);

Quad C Group 1: 1. Brad Klimbo (Hon); 2. Christopher Clayton (Hon); 3. Daniel Altenburg (Hon); 4. Justin Lilick (Yam); 5. Tyler Adams (Suz);

Quad C Group 2: 1. Tyler Wittje (Suz); 2. Nicholas Simmermon (Hon); 3. Jason Widdoss (Suz); 4. John Kenney (Yam); 5. Samuel Wall (Yam);

Quad C Group 3: 1. Matthew Herbert (Suz); 2. Brett Butter (Yam); 3. Steve Lyons (Suz); 4. Tonido Dixon (Yam); 5. Devin Woolf (Yam);

Quad C Group 4: 1. Justin Carr (Yam); 2. Richard Perrini (Hon); 3. Chris Piano (Hon); 4. Jeffrey Wolf (Yam); 5. Bill Patterson (Yam);

Quad Unltd group 1: 1. Richard Lindsay (Kaw); 2. John Kenney (Yam); 3. Paul Callahan (Suz); 4. Eddie Przybszewski (Suz); 5. Corey Straga (Hon);

Quad Unltd group 2: 1. Corey Atherton (Hon); 2. Tyler Wittje (Suz); 3. John Shull (Hon); 4. Sean Neidlinger (Suz); 5. Scott Mcmaster (Hon);

Quad Unltd group 3: 1. Rich Staino (Yam); 2. Brett Butter (Yam); 3. Jeffrey Wolf (Yam); 4. Gary Jackson (Suz); 5. Fred ,landwher, Iii (Hon);

Quad Unltd group 4: 1. Justin Carr (Yam); 2. Andrew Capps (Yam); 3. Christopher Clayton (Hon); 4. Timothy Brand (Yam); 5. Kris Lilick (Yam);

Quad Vet Group 1: 1. Chris Butter (Hon); 2. Steven Stracka (Hon); 3. Dennis Ray (Yam); 4. Oakford Ale (Hon); 5. Steve Lyons (Suz);

Womens Open: 1. Krista Marie (Yam); 2. Jennifer Butter (Hon); 3. Samantha Ross (Yam); 4. Alisha Dipasquale (Hon); 5. Kellie Moran (Suz);

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