Friday, July 18, 2008

MXPTV invades Tennessee

From MXPTV's Matt Wozney

Are you ready for 3 weeks of pure Loretta Lynn coverage? MXPTV is! So, here's
what's in store for MXPTV the next 3 weeks!

Week 1:
MXPTV is putting on its first ever "Flashback Week" by showcasing my next day
videos from Loretta Lynn's in 2007. 5 days of racing action from Loretta Lynn's
and 1 video from that collection will be posted each day (Monday thru Friday)!
So check MXPTV DAILY for a taste of Loretta's from 2007 so you can get your
craving for some awesome racing that will occur at Loretta's in 2008!

Week 2 (Loretta's):
MXPTV will be putting together a small photo update page that will cover this
year's event each day from Monday thru Saturday with photos provided by Pro Para
Photo's own Mark Garvey!

Week 3:
While Mark takes care of the photo side of things, I will be at Loretta's
filming everything pretty much and throwing together short videos the week after
Loretta's. I plan on doing a mini-show format starring some of the top racers
from Loretta's for each day with some interviews and more racing action that
will make you feel like you were there!

Get ready for 3 weeks of pure Loretta Lynn coverage at MXPTV!

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