Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Top Industry companies choose MxSponsor as exclusive online sponsorship site

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Top Industry companies choose MxSponsor as exclusive online sponsorship site

Pro Taper to Reward Academic Excellence with Special Sponsorship

Coming off another outstanding year of racing, Pro Taper is looking to raise the bar in amateur rider support. Not only are racers going to be rewarded for there on-the-track results, but this year Pro Taper is offering special incentives and additional sponsorship tiers for riders who also succeed in school. “We believe it is vital to reward riders who work hard in school as well as at the track,” said Kevin Strikwerda, Marketing Manager for Pro Taper. “Education is very important in helping develop well rounded riders who will be able to succeed on and off the racetrack.”

How it works: For the upcoming 2009 season, all riders must submit their resumes to Pro Taper through MXSponsor.com and apply to become a Pro Taper Team Rider. Of those chosen, any Team Rider with a GPA over 3.0 needs to submit their report cards or letters of achievement through MXSponsor.com to be accepted into the specialized “PT School of Roost” program.

Click here to view Pro Taper's Profile and Submit Your Resume

MSR Accepting Resumes Exclusively Through MXSponsor.com

The 2009 sponsorship season is upon us and MSR is seeking both new and returning racers to join their successful program. The resume acceptance period will begin on September 1st and run through October 31st. MSR will be again accepting online resumes exclusively through MxSponsor.com. “We have been using the MxSponsor platform for the past 3 seasons and have had great success with the program. We would like to thank all of our team riders from the past season and look forward to supporting them in the future.” Says Randy Valade, MSR marketing manager. “MxSponsor is a motocross only website and we appreciate their commitment to the core of the sport, this is what MSR is all about and has been since the 1970’s.

Click here to view MSR's profile for 2009 and submit your resume to them

Answer Racing Accepting Resumes ONLY Through MXSponsor.com
Answer Racing Accepting Resumes ONLY Through MXSponsor.com

Answer is accepting resumes on-line exclusively through MXSponsor.com. Answer Racing is accepting resumes for all levels of sponsorship. Riders are encouraged to send resumes electronically through MXSponsor, a fast and easy way to examine athletes for sponsorship. "We are extremely excited to announce our exclusive online relationship with mxsponsor.com. They bring a new level of professionalism and unparalleled commitment to motocross racers seeking sponsorship. I am looking forward to working with MxSponsor to grow our team. We have some amazing new product for 09 and we are ready to start equipping local racers with our new line of gear." Says Ian Runyon from Answer Racing

Click here to view Answer's sponsorship profile and get sponsored by them today!

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