Saturday, November 01, 2008

Help Sponsor a Race Team

Team Faith
has always enjoyed corporate sponsorship to help fund its efforts since its inception in 1994. This season our opportunities to minister or compete have increased and never before have we been able to participate in so many globally televised events. Although we sincerely appreciate FLY Racing/WPS as a major contributor to our efforts, no additional Title Sponsor has come forward. Faced with the decision to “pack up or persevere”, we were challenged to think of some creative ways by which we could raise the funds needed to continue on. This season we have decided to do something we have never done before. Instead of relying on one big corporate entity to come on board with the necessary funding for the year, we want to give a thousand of you the opportunity.

For the first time in the fourteen-year history of Team Faith, YOU can purchase a Sponsor Membership for the 2009 season.

Your one-year Sponsor Membership includes sending Team Faith to the following events:

  • National Arenacross Series
  • Team Faith FMX Shows
  • Moto X World Championships
  • X Games
  • UTV Racing on the GNCC Series
  • AST Dew Tour
  • And MORE!!!!
A realistic budget for an effort of this magnitude would normally cost well over one million dollars. However, because of our volunteers and dedicated staff (many of whom pay their own way to these events due to their commitment to and support of the vision of Team Faith), we can operate effectively for pennies on the dollar compared to other sponsored teams.

This year, in order to raise $200,000.00, we have decided to offer you, your company, your website or organization a bona fide Sponsor Membership opportunity.

Typically, traditional sponsorships have been out of reach for most folks as the costs have always been too high for the average person. Our minimum rates for sponsoring the efforts of Team Faith are what we call a “Product Sponsorship” where it costs the equivalent of $5,000.00.

Until NOW.

We’re opening up sponsorship opportunities to YOU in the form of a Sponsor Membership for $200 for the entire year! Imagine – for less than $17.00 a month, you can be a Sponsor Member of Team Faith! (You can even opt for monthly installments as well!)


This is a limited offer. When we reach our goal of $200,000.00, these Sponsor Memberships will no longer be available. Time is of the essence as we need to have the graphics for the rig printed and installed by our target date of December 1, 2008.

Team Faith Sponsor Membership includes:

  • Your Name, (or i.e. Organization, Church, Company name, etc.) printed on the Team Faith rig which will travel over 40,000 miles this year from coast to coast
  • Close-up photo of your name displayed on the official Team Faith rig
  • Photo of the Team Faith rig from a distance with an arrow pointing to your name on the rig
  • Official Limited-edition Sponsor Membership Certificate (with a special blessing from Team Faith suitable for framing and display in your home, business, or organization)
  • VIP rates of 20% off Team Faith merchandise and apparel
  • You will be automatically signed up for our e-newsletter so you can follow how your Sponsor Membership is being put to use
  • A tax-deductible contribution receipt
You may also wish to take advantage of this opportunity to purchase multiple Sponsor Memberships to secure multiple spots on the rig for other entities you are involved with including your Church, your sports team, your business, your organization, or your website.


We have several payment options available to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase your Team Faith Sponsor Membership.

CLICK HERE to be one of the 1000 Sponsor Members of Team Faith for 2009!

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. Please consider this a tax-deductible receipt for your participation in this program.

THANKS in advance for your help. We look forward to having you on board as a vital partner in our ministry!

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