Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mike Lafferty Guest Instructor at Rich Lafferty Riding School

For the month of December we have National Enduro Hero, Mike Lafferty as a special guest instructor for our December instructional video clips. Learn from one of the best off-road racers in the country. Mikes racing accomplishments and experience prove that he knows what techniques to practice and how to brake them down into a fundemental drill to practice them. With Mikes help we are sure you will be on your way to accomplishing your racing goals for 09 season.

We at Rich Lafferty Online Riding Schools beleive that speed is just a bi-product of knowing the fundementals of off-road riding. With a basic understanding of technique and the use of fundementals to practice these techniques you acquire better overall bike control and balance which in turn brings you the speed we all desire.

Alot of people practice by just hammering trails or laps, and doing the same bad habit over and over. But we like to work on the fundemental drills of off-road riding which will get you faster in no time and in alot safer manner. Think of it like Football players, when they practice do they just play football.........? No they work on the fundememntals of the game.

To be on your way to riding better goto and subscribe. The cost is $20 a month. Once you join you are not locked in and can back out anytime. Once you join you get access to 2 new 2-4 minute video clips per month, access to the 20 plus clips we have since opening back in February, new tips and tricks,email coaching by Rich Lafferty and SPECIAL RACER DISCOUNT PRICES, on KENDA TIRES,ELF OIL,DP BRAKES,RACE TOOLS and PIVOT PEGS. These discounts by far surpass the $20 monthly investment in the future of your riding.

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