Monday, December 01, 2008

EFA Christmas Special

EFA Christmas special!!!!

For a limited time (EFA) is offering “Unlimited” monthly memberships for only $19.95 a month to the first 100 new members before Christmas! Yes, that is correct, $19.95 a month! Get a head start on the 2009 season and on your competition! The membership includes unlimited training related questions via email to EFA and our staff of trainers and coaches, plus race site assistance included as well and a monthly fitness and training newsletter. Ask as many questions on training, nutrition, cardio, etc as you want, get all the answers you need. Ever have questions like these…. Should I change my diet on race day? Should I eat a lot of carbs before a race? Off season training-what do I do? Is race season training different? How much cardio do I do? How much rest? How much weight do I use? What type of training equipment and tools should I use? Heart Rate training questions? What about mental preparation? These and hundreds more just like them are what we can help you with this year. Unfortunately we can not design a custom training, cardio or nutritional programs for this minimal fee, but if you ask the right questions you can get the answers to most likely put one together . If you do want a custom program similar to our pro riders like Trey Canard, Jimmy Albertson, Phil Nicoletti, and some of our amateurs like Lowell Spangler, Justin Bogle, James Justice, Chaz Holladay, to name a few. Let us know, we can get you dialed in just like them!

This discount is good for the 1st 100 new members to sign up before 12/25/2008!
Email us at for info on getting signed up.

For more information on EFA training solutions and programs visit or contact Greg DiRenzo at or 973-356-1144.

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