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Motocross Rider Classifications for 2009 Season

To: AMA Racing Amateur Motocross Competitors

From: AMA Racing

Re: Motocross Rider Classifications for 2009 Season

AMA Racing, the pro-am and amateur competition arm of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), has announced that amateur competitor classifications for motocross have been established for the upcoming 2009 season. Amateur competitors have been advanced from C to B classification and from B to A classification based on the rider advancement procedures outlined in the 2008 AMA Sports Rulebook.

Riders advanced from C to B classification are listed in this PDF download: CtoBmx42009.pdf

Riders advanced from B to A classification are listed in this PDF download: BtoAmx42009.pdf

In addition, amateur competitors interested in checking their classification can perform the following steps:

Select MX Results Center under Rules and Results
Search by Last Name or AMA number in the Rider Search box for 2008 results

The classification will be listed at the top of the individual rider page, along with the date that classification was last updated

Rider advancement procedures for motocross are spelled out in Chapter 3, Section R of the 2008 AMA Sports Rulebook Governing Pro-Am, Standard, ATV and Youth Competition. Riders are advanced based on the National Advancement System, according to their Rider Performance Value (RPV).

For details on advancement procedures, see the 2008 AMA Sports Rulebook Governing Pro-Am, Standard, ATV and Youth Competition. A rulebook can be downloaded from

Riders who are aware of specific errors in the results reported to AMA Racing, resulting in a mistake in their classification advancement, are encouraged to bring those specific errors to the attention of AMA Racing.

In the case of erroneous results, e-mail the following to

AMA number
Rider status and date advanced shown in Motocross Results Center
Daytime phone number
E-mail address
The details of the specific error

About the American Motorcyclist Association

Since 1924, the AMA has promoted and protected the motorcycling lifestyle. AMA members come from all walks of life and they navigate many different routes on their journey to the same destination: freedom on two wheels. As the world's largest motorcycle organization with nearly 300,000 members, the AMA advocates for motorcyclists' interests in the halls of local, state and federal government, the committees of international governing organizations and the court of public opinion. Through member clubs, promoters and partners, the AMA sanctions more motor sports competition events than any other organization in the world. Through its Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, the AMA preserves the heritage of motorcycling for future generations. For more information, visit

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