Thursday, January 01, 2009

Warthog Racing Current Rider List and Sponsor List Going in to A1

Warthog Racing Current Rider List and Sponsor List Going in to A1

Heath Voss - Honda #13
Tyler Bowers - Honda #911
Antonio Balbi - Honda #37
Sean Collier - Honda #207
Manu Rivas - Kawasaki #921
Tiger Lacey - Honda #221
Mike Horban (West Coast) - Yamaha #143
Rhett Urseth (West Coast) - Kawasaki #727
Deven Raper (West Coast) - Kawasaki #447
Mitch Rask (West Coast) - Honda #337
Vince Friese (East Coast) - Honda
Jacob Saylor (East Coast) - Yamaha
Ryan Mills (East Coast) - Honda
Clayton Miller (East Coast) - Honda #147
Logan Martin (East Coast) - Honda
Jonny Linde (Nationals) - KTM

The sponsor below list is below:

MDK Motorsports – Title Sponsor

MDK Speed – Preferred WRA Performance Products

DeCal Works – Supplier of All Bike Graphics to the Team –

Smooth Industries – Designed the Wrap for the Team’s Semi, Team Pit Shirts, and Team T-Shirts

MMI – Provides Mechanics to the Team as Interns

P-LoK – The Bike Fastening System to Hold the Bikes in the Upper Deck of the Semi

MotoConcepts – Provide the MotoPads that the Bikes Sit on in the Pits

Transworld Motocross – The team’s media partner.

Vanquish MX – The Team’s Official Street Wear Clothing Sponsor.

DT1 Air Filters – Provides FREE air filters to all riders on the team. – Builds the team’s website.

Devol Engineering – Provides products to all riders on the team.

Liquid Performance – Liquid Performance provides products to the team including Radiator Fluid, Chain Lube, Bike Wash, Brake Cleaner, and Plastic Polishing products.

CP Pistons - Pistons are available to the riders.

VP Fuel – VP provides race fuel to the team at 50% off retail.

Dunlop – Tires are available to the riders.

The Plumber Inc.

MB2 Raceway – Has two indoor karting tracks – one in Sylmar, CA and one in Thousand Oaks, CA

Edgile Consulting

Feld Motor Sports

MX Sports

Dana K Business Parks

The Whitaker Wellness Institute - Provides alternative medicine and health and wellness service to the team.

Atlantic Promotions


Relentless Media


RacerX Illustrated

Dirt Rider Magazine

Honolulu Hills Raceway

L&M Racing

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