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Important NJ Motor sports mx track proposal

From the D6MX Message Board:

Posted by Paul Hanna on 1/4/2010, 6:23 pm
Important NJ Motor sports mx track proposal:

Both the Tuesday Jan 5 and Jan 19 city commission meetings will be extremely important.

You will not need to go to the Jan 11 planning board meeting since there will have to be a couple council meetings first.

The Jan 5th meeting needs to be a major “public statement” in terms of seeing a heavy turnout of track supporters and being seen as such by all the supporters wearing their “colors” so they are easily identifiable as supporters, as otherwise the public officials won’t know who is who.

If Tri County folks go to the microphone, they will need to highlight the fact that we are regulated by strict AMA sound regulations and that AMA is very concerned about noise issues. Also, we must stick to all the positive and financial benefits of having a legal MX facility for racing and daily practicing. We need to talk about how much $$ gets spent at the track and in the community from the racing families, and how so many New Jerseyans leave the state and spend all that $$ in other states.

The public will be heard at the end of the meeting during the public comment period, so it will be important that we hang in there through the “other” city business.

**Also try to remember that direct quotes from environmental opponents of riding parks like the one in Egg Harbor Twsp, Monroe Twsp (Collings Lakes) and every other riding park proposal, even the closing of Chatsworth, have all cited the fact that NJ Motor Sports has a proposed track (of course they called it a riding park) at their facility, that this will be an answer to our riding problems. So you should expect to see several enviro groups here supporting this proposal, right? I’ve heard Jane Galleto of Citizens United talk about this herself when talking about the new legislation that covers new fines, fees and riding parks.

We need to pack the place on the 5th. Riders should get there about 6. You should be looking for a seat by 6:15, and the meeting starts 6:30. Outside of our local community I’m not sure how many people know about this, I didn’t have a chance to put something up on the east coast site and I don’t know where the mx community has a bulletin board, so whether you like mx or not, riding is riding- come out anyway.

The image and numbers we project at these meetings has a significant impact, so please call up buddies, members or friends who won’t see this email to tag along with you.


Tri County Sportsmen

The Board of Commissioners of the City of Millville

will hold the meetings in the Commission Chamber

January 5th at 6:30pm & January 19th 6:30pm

City Hall

12 S. High Street

Millville, New Jersey

Take High Street to the dead end across Rte 49

Dead end is the corner of High and Smith Sts.

You can park behind City Hall off of Ware Ave where the baseball field is.

*note, Every body who can make these meetings should try and attend.A new track is good for everybody,and it sounds like it is close to happening.Hope to see you there...Paul Hanna #57

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