Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vote for Video of the Year at MXPTV

MXPTV has a new feature called "MXPTV Video Of The Year" that will get everyone involved to see which video is pretty much the best in 2008! Since there are over 50+ videos on MXPTV, the videos will be going through a qualifying process as they are all split up into 6 divisions.

Here are the 6 divisions:
Blue Diamond
FTO Shows
Rider Profiles
Loretta Lynn's
Loretta Lynn's Qualifiers
Northeast Races

Voting will be in session for all 6 divisions until January 12th. Winners of each division will go to the final main event. Voting will start right after the 6 winners are determined and the main event deadline will be February 12th. This gives you 2 months to get your favorite video on top and win the MXPTV Video Of The Year!

For more information, go to to see the divisions and cast your vote today!

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