Wednesday, February 11, 2009

God Speed Moto Brother

RIP Jeremy Lusk

I didn't know Jeremy Lusk, in fact I've never even met him. But that doesn't make it any less difficult for the moto family to deal with his loss. The tight knit community that is motocross and freestyle motocross has lost one of it's young stars. Seemingly at the pinnacle of his career. He was an X Games Gold medalist and was recently featured on the cover of Transworld Motocross Magazine as their 2008 FMX Rider of the year.
One someone dies so young you can't help to reflect on what could have been when instead you should focus on what was. By all accounts Jeremy lived his life with passion and experienced it to the fullest, something we should all strive to do. Perhaps we can all learn something from Jeremy and go out and LIVE LIFE!

Godspeed Jeremy Lusk 1984-2009

Here is a photo gallery put together by one of his friends. Chris Tedesco

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